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PT.Sentra Success Tama - IndonesiaPT.Sentra Success Tama - Indonesia | Empowering your project every where...
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Mr. Ir Hassan [Director/CEO/General Manager]


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Y!: rizky_success Y!: rizky_success
Google Talk:  sentrasuccess  sentrasuccess
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Business Park Kebon Jeruk, Kencana Tower 2nd Fl Suite 510 Jl. Meruya Ilir 88
Jakarta 11620, Jakarta

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Represent MK Holding, Singapore | Empowering your project every where...
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PT. Sentra Success Tama as registered company ( Represent MK Holding, Woodlands - Singapore) as Contractor Build, Install, Service for Conveyor, Weight Bridge, Hauling Road, Steel Fabricator, Port Jetty also Supply Construction | Mining | Energy equipment. Our customers : Sebuku Coal, Andalas Bara Coal, Bayan Coal Mining Plc, Darma Henwa Plc PLTU Cirebon, Star Energy, Total Oil EP, Indo Biofuel Energy, Freeport Gold Mining, Tyco Europipe-UK, Pertamina National oil Company, BP Gas Bulk Station-Papua. Call us at + 62-( 0) 81-11202022 or + 62-( 0) 21-58909012 | Empowering your project every where...
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